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IPA Database by CCFA

Name of Substance CAS Number Functional use Production Organism
 Glucoamylase or amyloglucosidase      Trichoderma reesei
 Oxoalcohols (C9-C30)      
 Sodium acetate*  127-09-3  

 Copper chromate      
 Copper chromite      
 Ferric chloride hexahydrate      
 Sodium methylate (methoxide)      
 Magnesium acetate      
 Vegetable carbon (activated)*      
 Vegetable carbon (activated)*      
 Vegetable carbon (unactivated)      
 Freon (to be specified)      
 Aluminum stearate      
 Aluminum stearate      
 Amorphhous hydrophobic silica      
 Calcium phosphate (tricalcium phosphate)      
 Calcium Stearate      
 Magnesium stearate      
 Octadecyl ammonium acetate (in ammoni...      
 Sodium alumino silicate      
 Sodium calcium silicoaluminate      
 Polyethylenimine ...      
 Diatomaceous earth      
 Diethylaminoethyl Cellulose      
 Ion exchange resins      
 Complexes of soluble aluminum salt an...      
 Isinglass *      
 Sodium polyacrylate      
 Trisodium diphosphate*      
 Trisodium orthophosphate*      
 Completely hydrolyzed copolymers of m...      
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