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IPA Database by CCFA

  Polyethylenimine (# ADI acceptable provided migration into food reduced to lowest technologically possible)
Substance Information
Synonyms of Substance Name  
CAS Number  
INS Number  
IUBMB Number  
Technological Function [Category (for enzyme preparations only)]  Enzyme immobilization agents & supports
Functional Use  
Production Organism(for food enzymes)  
Donor Organism(for food enzymes)  
Area of Usage
Area Of Utilization  
Food Category  
Adoption by CCFA/CCFAC  42
Interaction with food  
Residues (mg/kg) (less than)  
Max Level  
JECFA Evaluation See JECFA
JECFA Evaluation Yes
Comments Evaluated as immobilizing agent. New method of analysis prepared at 29th to ensure < 0.1 mg/kg in enzyme preparations of ethylenimine.
JECFA Specifications Yes
Notes and References
Other Evaluations  
Special Use History  
Approval information  
Other information:
There is no data!