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IPA Database by CCFA

  Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate
Substance Information
Synonyms of Substance Name  Lauric arginate ethyl ester; Lauric arginate ester, Lauramide Arginine Ethyl Ester; LAE; Ethyl-N-alpha-Lauroyl-L-Arginate HCl
CAS Number  60372-77-2
INS Number  243
IUBMB Number  
Technological Function [Category (for enzyme preparations only)]  Micro-organism control agents
Description  White powder
Functional Use  Preservative, Antimicrobial Preservative
Production Organism(for food enzymes)  N/A
Donor Organism(for food enzymes)  N/A
Area of Usage
Area Of Utilization  Processing aid for fresh meat, poultry and game
Food Category  Meat and meat products, including poultry and game
Subcategory  08.1 Fresh Meat, Poultry and Game
Adoption by CCFA/CCFAC  Adopted in GSFA in 2011 for several food categories
Interaction with food  No
Residues (mg/kg) (less than)  
Max Level  
JECFA Evaluation See JECFA
JECFA Evaluation
JECFA Specifications
Notes and References
Other Evaluations  See attache letter from US Dept. of Agriculture
Special Use History  
Approval information  Processing aid in the USA on fresh meat and poultr
Other information:
There is no data!